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Zabudowa łemkowska we wsi Bartne

The village of Bartne

Drewniany dom kryty blachą na zielonej łące.

38-307 Bartne Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 183518016
The village of Bartne has Lemko buildings, characteristic for the entire Lemko region.
The typical old Lemko house was the so-called “chyża”, which contained the whole household and farm under one roof. The building was divided by a threshing floor; on one side were the living quarters, while on the other was the stable, cowshed or sheepfold. The attics were most often used as places for storing the hay or corn. The houses were usually thatched. The walls were painted sky-blue, the windows decorated by borders with large black or white spots, and the space between the beams was white-washed with lime. The richest decoration is found in the East Lemko region. Bartne is called the stone-cutting village as its residents specialised in that profession. Stone was used mainly to make tomb crosses and roadside shrines as well as household equipment.

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