12 suggestions and one good tip for a weekend in the Małopolska region. Let yourself be tempted!

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You can conquer the Crown of the Małopolska Mountains in a weekend, maybe a slightly extended one? Where in our region do volcanoes 'smoulder'? Where did the Wallachians come from and where did they settle? Do we already know all the castles, fortresses and watchtowers? May Day is a great opportunity to try to find the answers to these questions and, in the process, traverse slightly less crowded trails and paths. So look for answers and explore!

⇒ Centuries ago, more than a dozen mighty castles were erected along the Dunajec River. Many of them – or their ruins – can be easily spotted on the lofty rocks, but there are also some whose traces have not yet been found. Why not give it a try? Lost castles
⇒ A charming town with a majestic castle and a uniquely relaxed atmosphere. Plus wonderful legends and colourful, sometimes chilling stories. Do you enjoy getting to know someone? Be sure to come. Nowy Wiśnicz – the great history of a magnate town 
⇒ Set out in the footsteps of a people who had wanderlust in their souls. Wallachian Culture Trail
⇒ Start your own great love affair with the mountains. Climbthe Crown of the Małopolska Mountains.

⇒ Małopolska is a woman, and women make its history and give it character and flavour. The women are bold, beautiful, talented, and temperamental. Each of them is different, original, fighting for their place in history, for the opportunity to pursue their passions, and for their memory. They are left with paintings, sketches, poetry, houses and stories. It is worth setting out in their footsteps. Małopolska is a woman. About famous ladies of Małopolska
⇒ Did you know that one of the most beautiful castles in the Małopolska region stands on a volcanic cone? This is no mistake. Volcanoes in Poland really exist. They were, they are and they will be! Today they are extinct, relatively small cinder cones. Małopolska has no shortage of traces of when these volcanoes were active. It is in our region that there is still an active volcanic form – the mofettes. Find them. Małopolska – the land of extinct volcanoes
⇒ Here, you will find an amazing atmosphere of peace, tranquillity, unhurriedness, and reflection on life. These places are not just great monuments of Polish and world culture, but also a shared heritage, proudly inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO list. Some are visited by people from all over the world. Have you been here? Sanctuaries of Małopolska
⇒ Do you like to soar above meadows, mountains and forests? To look down on the world, if only for a few minutes? We have a suggestion for you Aad it won't be an aeroplane flight, but a nice journey in harmony with nature. You don't need to set off uphill with your children to reach the summit and look out over the beautiful Małopolska countryside from there. Małopolska with children: roller coasters in the summer
⇒ Places and things that are unusual, iconic, and attractive because of their uniqueness and originality. We don't quite know how to define them. Sometimes, they're films, sometimes books, and other times, they're unique dishes or interesting architecture, streets, or cities. This is exactly what Kraków is like – original, full of unexpected places, events and flavours. These are places for connoisseurs of cultures and openness to new discoveries. Cult Kraków for seekers of unusual things
⇒ Do you want to show your children where the heroes of the most intriguing Polish legends lived? The lion's share of them come from Małopolska. Here they still live on in people's imagination and in the stories written down, often by the greatest authors of our literature. At the same time, we should remember that in legends, fiction always mixes with truth. Discover Małopolska with your children! Not only for children: Tracing the most beautiful legends in Małopolska

⇒ It was in the Małopolska region where a human may have taken to the air for the first time in history, where one of the first permanent airfields in Europe and the first Polish military airfield was established. It was from this region that the 'Star of Poland' balloon made its historic journey into the stratosphere. Małopolska is a treasure trove of sensational aviation memorabilia, waiting to be explored. The history of aviation in Małopolska is the beginning of aviation in the world

⇒ The creator of the world's oil industry and the man who figured out the V1 and V2 missiles were from Małapolska, too. The commander of the Polish underground and witness to the Katyń massacre, the man who painted the history of the Polish people, , the man known as the 'Michelangelo of Wicker', Father Tischner, and a peasant son named Ragman who became a famous writer with the proud name of Orkan – they all lived in Małopolska. Each of them has a small but fascinating museum here. Małopolska's little museums of famous people

And one piece of good advice:

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