Małopolska Wine Trail.

Małopolski Szlak Winny
The main idea of the Trail is to encourage tourists to discover Lesser Poland's vineyards, meet their owners, discover heritage and communion with the nature of the region.

Wine Trail in Małopolska, a thematic cultural heritage trail of the region, was created because of the local vine-growing tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. The trail aims to encourage tourists to discover the vineyards of Małopolska, meet their owners and discover the unusual tastes of local wines and tourist attractions nearby. Walking the trail is also meeting the cultural heritage and the nature of the region.

Thanks to the Gorce Tourism Organisation, which cooperates with Enotourism professionals, the Wine Trail is growing and is fast becoming a magnet for tourists visiting our region. Initially, 15 vineyards located in different parts of Małopolska were selected. The next year, 5 more were added, and now, in mid-2019, the trail has 50 vineyards.
Today, Małopolska has approximately 100 vineyards, most of which were established in the last few years, with each having its own characteristics. Some are small, focused on making wines for their own use and some are quite large, producing large quantities of wines. Vintner’s art in Małopolska met with favourable climatic conditions due to its varied terrain, sun-kissed slopes and soil suitable for growing vines. Winemakers experiment by selecting the vines suitable for cultivation in our climate, producing the best quality harvest.

50 Małopolska vineyards have been included in the Małopolska Wine Trail, which is managed by the Gorce Tourist Organisation. Małopolska Wine Trail includes Days of Open Vineyards.

To find and learn more about vineyards located on the Wine Trail in Małopolska, visit

The Małopolska Wine Trail draws on the Małopolska Wine Path tradition, which was created during the project "Vineyards of Małopolska II" in 2006, implemented by Małopolska Regional Development Agency and the Polish Vine and Wine Institute.


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