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Pałac Krzysztofory Kraków

Krzysztofory Palace, Krakow

Wnętrze muzeum wyłożone cegłą, wejście do drugiego pomieszczenia zakończone łukiem. Na pierwszym planie gabloty szklane w których są różne eksponaty. Po lewej duża szklana gablota z eksponatami jak miecze.
It is modern, representative, and its facade is once again decorated with a statue of St. Christopher after it being missing for 230 years. After years of renovation, the Krzysztofory Palace is open for visitors. There are deliberately no exhibitions there, but instead exposed polychromes and old architectural details of the building discovered during the modernization works.

In the palace, there are temporary and permanent exhibition rooms, a library and a reading room, educational rooms, a space for children, a cafe and a green courtyard with a fountain available to residents. The Krzysztofory Palace has been restored to its former glory after years of renovation. The museum will include five Living Memorial Sites devoted to the city's intangible heritage and memory: the jury meeting room for the competition for the most beautiful Krakow nativity scene, the Lajkonik cloakroom, the legionnaires memorial hall, the cantor gallery devoted to the Krakow group and the Cricot 2 theatre, and the porch as a relic of the authentic architecture of the palace from the 14th century. The Palace is one of the most magnificent city residences in Krakow in terms of rank and splendour. The Palace was most likely named after its owner in 1551, Krzysztof Morsztyn. There are many legends connected with the centuries-old Krzysztofory building, including about the sorcerer Twardowski and the treasures that are waiting in the basement until someone finds them.

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