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Winnica Wieliczka Pawlikowice

Wieliczka Vineyard

Zdjęcie przedstawia kiść winogron rosnących na krzewie winorośli. Winogrona są dojrzałe i soczyste, a na fotografii widoczne są również liście winorośli, W tle rozmyte krzewy.

Pawlikowice 1a, 32-020 Pawlikowice Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123506177
A vineyard protected by hawks and pheasants.

A few kilometres from the Wieliczka Salt Mine is an organic farm that thrives under the watchful eye of Agnieszka Rousseau and Piotr Jaskóła. Established in 2013, Wieliczka Vineyard is organically certified and located in the village of Pawlikowice. In addition to breathtaking views extending to the Tatra Mountains and Babia Góra, the site offers very favourable conditions for vine cultivation. The slope is level, long, with a southern and south-western exposure, an altitude of over 60 metres (approx. 315 to 380 metres above sea level) and relatively permeable, sandy loam soil.
The vineyard thrives thanks to the friendly helpers that reside there – hawks that scare away starlings, pheasants that eat snails and earthworms that fertilise the soil. The vines of this vineyard are resistant to fungi and low temperatures. Varieties of this plantation include Vitis Vinifera – Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet, Muscat, Gruener Veltliner and Pinot Noir.
The vineyard offers a wide range of interesting tasting experiences for visitors. It is also possible to purchase wines of certain vintages on site. In addition to wine, the winery also offers excellent ciders made from apples from old orchards, as well as natural cosmetics made from the grape pomace and other plants grown here.

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