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Rezydencja Branickich Kraków

Renaissance residence of the Branicki family (so-called granary), Kraków

Malowany, wolnostojący lamus w Branicach. Stoi on pośród trawy oraz drzew.

Sasanek 2a, 31-985 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 126408060
The late-Renaissance defensive manor in Branice – former village, currently the district of Krakow, is a seat of the Branicki family, commonly referred to as “granary”.
It was reconstructed by Italian builders and artists gathered around Master Santi Gucci. This presentable three-storeyed building was built on a square plan, crowned with a Renaissance attic, with the sgraffito decorated walls. Currently, it is occupied by the branch of the Archaeological Museum in Krakow.

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