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Pustynia Błędowska

Błędowska Desert

Pustynia Błędowska

Klucze Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

Błędowska Desert is the largest area of quicksand in Poland (covering about 33 sq. km.), located on the border of the Silesian Upland and the Olkusz Upland. Natural and geographical site unique on a European scale, the Błędowska Desert is also called the "Polish Sahara".
The surface of the desert stretching from Błędów in the west to Klucze in the east and Chechło in the north is divided by the valley of the Biała Przemsza river. The average thickness of sand is 40 m (maximum up to 70 m). The desert is located within the boundaries of the Eagles' Nests Landscape Park and is partially covered by special protection. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Olkusz land. The desert area can be admired from the Czubatka viewpoint (382 m above sea level) situated in Klucze and form the Dąbrówka viewpoint (355 m above sea level) situated in Chechło, where the remains of a bunker are located. The desert is crossed by the 28.5 km long yellow hiking PTTK Desert Trail, connecting Błędów with Ryczów, as well as the orange Cross Jurassic Horse Riding Trail and several educational trails.