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Mural – The Blessed Peace of Nothingness - Oświęcim - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska

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Mural Błogosławiony Spokój Nicości Oświęcim

Mural – The Blessed Peace of Nothingness - Oświęcim

Mural autorstwa Rafała Olbińskiego przedstawiający kobietę dmuchającą na mniszek pospolity, którego szypuły unoszą się na wietrze przybierając kształt ptaków. Mural znajduje się na na ul. Śniadeckiego na murach poniemieckiego bunkru
Types of trails: Themed
Śniadeckiego 22, 32-600 Oświęcim
It's a tradition for famous artists to unveil in Oświęcim a mural that they designed that would be related to the peaceful message of the Life Festival Oświęcim organised by the Peace Festival Foundation with financial support of the city of Oświęcim
Rafał Olbiński is a multi-faceted and intriguing artist. A painter, graphic artist, designer, scene designer, poster artist. The artist is respected both in Poland and abroad. According to connoisseurs: „Olbiński is a painter-poet who presents an image of our world using broader reflection” (source: www.desamodern.pl). 'In this project, one can discover many meanings. It is supposed to encourage reflection that we don't have time for now. Connected with our earphones to the centre that makes choices for us, we watch what they show us on television, read what is written in papers. I do not like overimposing, bothersome pathos and visual propaganda blooming around us – product advertisements, forceful teaching of ideas. This pathos forces upon us emotions that we frequently do not want to express. Hence, the mural project is based on a fundamental aesthetic that is not aggressive in terms of its message. It is a return to the simplest things in life – meaning, beauty that we do not notice; beauty that we have lost chasing a million other things. Beauty that ceased to be popular, and in truth it is one of the fundamental needs of man. Beauty that was not thought up by advertising agencies. It is a return to beauty that is around us.' - Rafał Olbiński

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